4/20/2020 - New Cyberterrorism Complaint Against SAGA Board Member - Tom is assmad, making impotent threats, and wasting LEO time


"I'm scared that people like you live in the same city as we do." Lol, this is the comment he wants her to be arrested for?

Tommy, as a former resident of Tucson I can confirm, noone in that good city would be comfortable with you living there except the junkies that hang out by the train tracks. I understand it's the current year and we tolerate pedophiles reading to our children, but you fucked a dog and even the leftyfags on Reddit and Tumbler have a problem with that.


Tom chimps out pretty good in this one. Only watched a little, but it's shaping up to be a decent meltdown with over a dozen 911 calls thus far.

This would be a great one for the archives.