4/27/2020 - Israel admit's to being paid to be my "friend" -

Queen Of The Harpies

"Get some cunt in your life there, dipshit."

From the description:
As if I need one. He's trying to tell me that the only friends and following I have when my public account has over 500 friends and 300 followers, groups I own have about 1500 members, I contribute to groups with at least 250, 000 readers and several hundred subscribers here. They never see the positive feedback i get, but always jump on it when i manage to piss somebody off.


Lolcow is dead and we have killed him
How many of those people are just there to watch the trainwreck?
I used to watch his content live he was having a good day if he had ten viewers given that the farms thread for a video tends to have more views than the actual video that should really give you a good idea of his demographics