4/4/2020 - Beating the Isolation Blues - Tom destroys your ears with shitty music celebrating that everyone is as isolated as it normally is


Funny title considering Tom is shunned by society and isolated on a normal basis and thus not impacted by COVID.

Skip to 3:35, then stop it at 4:53 and start again at 6:00 to avoid the ear shattering noise he calls music.

Tom's already planning to blow his stimulus check when he becomes a thousandaire for the first time this century.


I like to watch this video on mute and laugh at Tom flailing around like an exceptional individual pretending to be a musician. Fucking hilarious!

Does Tom file taxes? If not he’s not getting Trumpbux.
They're giving it to people on Social Security. Not sure why, because it's not like those people are losing their jobs and income, but w/e.
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