4-7-2019 Tom's Saxophone Got Stolen -


I hope the poor thief didn't try to play it, you can probably get about 5 diseases just by putting your lips to it
To whoever stole it...

You might also want to boil it first.


The offical TPD account


Forged in the chat rooms of CD games MSN game zone
I don’t usually follow Tommy, but hasn’t this happened to him before? How many times has he complained that his sax was stolen?
4th or 5th time though it was probably only once it got stolen, the other times he would have pawned it.

I like to imagine that jewish goblin from that trumpet fight video running up on Tommy and harassing him haha.

He must be a shitty rock salesman because I do the same thing and if you actually work at selling the minerals and find buyers you can actually make a good income, fuck he is such a failure..

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