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Only 20k and less members are the true oldfags of the farms, the 20k to 40k members are the newfags and 40k and up members are the cancer

We genmay now


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I remember when i first started reading the farms there was only 3,000 members and i always had assumed it stayed around that amount

Amazing how it has grown
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And on this blessed day of February the first, year of our Lord 2020, the synagogue of Rabbi Moon was overflowing with followers eager to hear his teachings, as was usual. The humble shepherd Moon wasn't a man of pride. He didn't burden himself with counting his sheep, for they were as numerous as each was unique. What mattered to him was that he turned as many of them to the Light that he could. To him, anything short of saving the entire earth would be a failure. But on this blessed day, a milestone was placed, in that the followers had counted themselves using the Chinese remainder theorem, and that way they knew that they were now more than forty thousand. They cheered with joy and their leader responded with