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LN 910

Maybe people in this thread will remember who I'm talking about: I think they went/were called by "Smiley", but not the baby-back bitch Fringe guy, he has a thread already.
Smileyposter was either on 4/a/ or 8/a/, though I can't remember which.
They had a tumblr where they posted pictures of a strangely fleshy doll with a poorly made mask-thing wrapped on its head, I think it was supposed to be a preserved human corpse.
They had threads on whichever board it was a few times.
I remember a general inclination of the whole thing being fucking bizarre, though my memory is fuzzy. I think the person (or a copycat) made some freaky posts and rambling obsessively about the doll.
They seem to have disappeared off of the face of the earth, but if anyone has caps or archives they'd make a great contribution to the thread. Somewhere near the top of my wtf scale as far as imageboards go.
I feel fantastic?