4chan's /lgbt/ - A culture clash between channers and the LGBTWTFBBQ.


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4chan's /lgbt/ board was introduced in 2013. The /lgbt/ board encourages discussion of the LGBT lifestyle and community.

/lgbt/ has attracted several subcultures from the wider LGBT community, which has resulted in a clash between trolls and those who think they are in good company. /lgbt/ is not a closed hivemind compared to the equivalent Tumblr/Twitter circles; users may have adopted 'cis' and TERF in their vocabulary, but they should not be mistaken for being politically correct.

General threads on the board are more susceptible to becoming echo chambers, and users who get too comfortable will start posting with tripcodes. Tripcodes are very prominent in /mtfg/.

Trolling is abundant, but less so in the generals. Posting incredibly ugly people from image search and asking "do I pass?" is a bit of a meme, so watch out for that.

  • /acegen/ - Asexual general, for when you just can't shut up about not wanting sex.
  • /agpg/ - Autogenephile general. Trenders tend to come in here to start fights over Blanchard's AGP theory.
  • /clg/ - Cis lesbian general.
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  • /ftmg/ - female to male general. Users are unsurprisingly catty here, but they don't subscribe to tumblr mentality.
  • /gaygen/ - The gays.
  • /mtfg/ - male to female general. Lots of potential here. irc.rizon.net #mtfg
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  • /passgen/ - /soc/ spills over here. Users post selfies for rating if they pass or not.
  • /tgg/ - /mtfg/ without tripcodes (for now).

Who the fuck is Cara?

This is for when you hear this name become around, because it will turn up on occasion.

Caraposter is an autogynephilic fan of Cara Delevingne who almost always uploads an image of her when posting. But there's more to it than that and he's become a little infamous due to his discourse.

Cara hates seeing other trannies succeed, and despite never going on HRT is often encouraged by certain /lgbt/ posters to do so (by calling Caraposter a 'she'). Threads are sometimes made on him, and currently some user is trying to blackmail him into buying hormones.

Longtime users of /lgbt/ or /mu/ will know about his history.

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Go there, bring something back.



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/lgbt/ is pretty much like the rest of 4chan. It's a bunch of faggots, but mostly faggots who can't get laid with other dudes, as opposed to faggots who can't get laid with chicks.

My dream debate match-up is /lgbt/ vs. neo-Nazis from Tumblr.

There's always /lgbt/ vs. /pol/ but what's funnier is /lgbt/ who are also themselves /pol/
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/mtfg/ is a pit of autism and despair. Most of the people that post there are neets that never venture outside of the house and hang out in discord servers and on /lgbt/ ERPing and pretending to be women. There is a culture of using tripcodes in /mtfg/ unlike anywhere else on 4chan, and as a result lots of drama occurs. All of the posters hate each other and the blend of anonymous posting and tripcode posting means that there is a lot of bullying that occurs due to jealousy and bitterness. I'm not sure how much of the community is actually lolworthy but you can decide that for yourself. Here are a couple of the more notable members.

Dollface aka Edie Kershaw

Dollface is the queen bee of /mtfg/. She is a camgirl and is notable within the tumblr and youtube trans communities. Her claim to fame on 4chan is 1) bullying a girl into committing suicide and then posting her suicide note and 2) having sex with Sam Hyde. She is one of the only /mtfg/ posters that lives as a woman all of the time and is straight.

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4chan post history [1] [2]


Before /lgbt/ existed, a lot of people who post there now started posting on 420chan's /cd/ crossdressing board. Kayla was a man who posted there (this was 7-8 years ago) and trolled the trans posters, calling them fetishists, men, and having angry meltdowns. In fact, tripcodes used to be allowed on 420chan but now the board is forced anon because of Kayla.

After /lgbt/ was created, the tranny posters from /soc/ and /cd/ migrated there, and Kayla followed. Kayla turned out to be a sissy fetishist who is now on hormones, constantly posts pictures of his dick and tits, and about how much he wants to suck cock and get fucked in the ass. He also melts down all the time because other posters are much more successful at life. Until recently, Kayla lived with his mom despite being in his early 30s, and now he has a job working in retail. He claims that he used to be a professional 4wheeler racer and had a deal with monster. Kayla is also racist and complains constantly about everyone receiving handouts and having an easy life, despite living with his rich mom while being unemployed.

Post history

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Alberto Balsalm

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Yeah I don't get it. I thought 4chan was completely haram in soc jus circles.
The people there aren't really into social justice per se, they're just channers who happen to also be huge fags and/or troons. You'll see bitching about being oppressed sometimes, but it's pretty much always because they're socially inept or can't get laid.


But I'm not mad at anyone.
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Yeah I don't get it. I thought 4chan was completely haram in soc jus circles.

They mostly hate SJWs just like the rest of 4chan. Also like the rest of 4chan, if you filter out the tripfags it gets better, although the place is crawling with them, unlike the rest of 4chan. You'd also miss most of the notable cows, if that's why you were there.

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