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5/15/2018 - DSP causes a Twitter shitstorm by being toxic towards streaming community

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by WarehouseKiwi, May 15, 2018.

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no one can help you


How fucked do you think Phil is from this Tweet?

Poll closed May 22, 2018.
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  1. (I'm stealing this thread for OP - neger)

    • What happened?
      • While on a staycation, Phil decided to create a tweet implying that other streamers are "paid shills"
      • upload_2018-5-15_19-51-47.png
    • Why does this matter?
      • Phil's Tweet has been received extremely poorly almost universally. There are dozens of replies from other notable partnered streamers and within 4 hours the Tweet has had almost 400 responses, which is probably the highest amount DSP has ever had.
      • It is possible that DSP could be suspended (yet again) under Twitch's new rules which prohibit "toxicity" both on and off the site
    • Who exactly did Phil piss off? Why do they matter?
      • Twitch Staff
      • Blizzard Staff
      • Ubisoft Staff
      • EA Staff
      • Epic Games Staff
      • Ex-Twitch Staff
      • Polygon Staff
      • Dozens of partnered Twitch streamers
      • Dozens of affiliate Twitch streamers
    Notable replies (some of these are taken from drgnkiller's twitter account)



    The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old pigroach lashing out at his streaming competition.
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    #1 WarehouseKiwi, May 15, 2018
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    True & Honest Fan

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  2. OOooooooh some people predicted this outcome. This obvious hypocrite outrage.
    And the reactions below that are worth some good cinema popcorn. Nobody falls for this shit :biggrin:

    HEY GUYS AND GURLS, if you get a game earlier, this means your opinion is not valid because you get bribed by the gaming mafia! They kill you if you say something bad!
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    #5 Wurstbrot, May 15, 2018
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    Wurstbrot Hardcore Baking Season

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    Nurse Ratchet

    Nurse Ratchet I'd fuck me so hard.
    True & Honest Fan

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    TheKatIsNowGone Have you seen my missing Kat?

  3. Why is he getting so many comments? A bit weird -- he didn't tag anything.

    Also, another out of touch knee jerk reaction that is a projection of his insecurities. I've watched a number of 5k+ streamers play the game these past 2 days and none of them were shilling. The best comment the game got was 'it's fun but something you might get burned out playing' and 'it's like State of Decay 1 plus, if you liked the first one you'll like this. Otherwise, probably not.'
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    #8 Scurrly, May 15, 2018
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  4. Because it's Phil being more exceptional than usual and the internet wants to point and laugh at his stupidity.
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    True & Honest Fan

  5. He plays fighting games the way I do, as an easily flustered scrub who has at best a few months experience with the genre. I’d love to have more in depth autism about how he plays, but the thread I posted for it is dead.
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    #10 Corypheus, May 15, 2018
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    Corypheus Totally not evil

  6. Seriously though, that tweet has generated over 100 replies, and almost every one of them calling Phil out for being an idiot/hypocrite/jealous etc.
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  7. LOL that tweet seemed to have gone viral during his vacation. People must be searching state of decay on twitter because of the release.
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    Freshtodeath Kwhality Khantent

  8. C7672EB4-5940-455F-9C28-D3A0676E0D7B.jpeg
    Not all of them... Is this a cameo appearance? Could this be a sign of an old regular returning to the DSP Shit Show?
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    harbinger DarksydePhallus

  9. It's like 50 minutes old.
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  10. Phil probably woke up from his gin-soaked stupor to mash that one out. He'd have been better off taking a leak and going back to bed.
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    Brian Butterfield

    Brian Butterfield Satisfaction guaranteed...no matter what.

  11. RE: replies

    A few of the people in the reply chain appear to be fairly e-popular. I've spotted a few with over 100k twitter followers, both of whom made separate tweets about Phil's post (instead of just replying to it) thus attracting quite a bit of attention to it. Hundreds of thousands of people have been pointed directly towards Phil's salt.

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  12. 2.JPG

    Get em Taurus. lol

    PS: I wanted to screen cap some of the highlight responses to the melt down tweet but, excluding Golden Colt's dick riding/white knighting, there are now COUNTLESS comments putting him through a meat grinder.

    What a glorious day. I hope Kat is proud of her man.

    I will share this reply though:

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    #17 Noob-Noob, May 15, 2018
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    Noob-Noob Jealous dumbfuck

  13. Just as I thought things were getting really boring. He provides new material.
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    Equinox_ Binge Monster tbh

  14. ACG (a guy who when you look back on his channel has worked hard to improve the quality of his content) makes a regular reminder to viewers that he buys and gives away a copy of the game he reviews so that he has skin in . .the game. He plays the game early so that he can review the game and give his fans and anyone searching for info food for thought. He is, by all accounts and purposes, a real gamer.

    . . .beyond that it's such an ignorant, tone deaf tweet, that overgeneralizes to a SPECTACULAR degree about conditions he can not possibly know about.
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  15. Who are all those Twitch girls with fake eyelashes that attack a man who could be their dad?

    Phil should up his game and invite one of them into his mansion.

    It‘s a GIANT house after all!
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    DarkSydePundit I‘m spooky uguuu~

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