5/20/2019 - Anti-trans transgender people - Tommy is live


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The white knights in the live stream are spoiling the fun
It happens with every lolcow. Unfunny spergs astroturfing in order to build trust so they can EPIKWEEEEEEEN. Raychella did it before moving onto Michelle and then moving onto someone else.

Also, he got pranked twice and got roped into searching for troll channels on YouTube again but gave up because he doesn't know how to use the basic search function. :story:


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Now Tom is defending kids doing drag shows and stripping at clubs. (Desmond is Amazing for example)

"I don't care what people do with their kids, it's none of my fucking buisness. What's the difference between drag and beauty pageants?"

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He probably made the cock gobble story up. He said something like -'Sometimes people can't tell I'm a tranny' . I bet
That guy isn't perfect, but he has options. Why would he stoop so low with Tommy?
It's probably one of Tom's sick, depraved fantasies. He's never had a descent looking gut treat him kindly, so the first time one does, he creates this sick sexual fantasy.
Also, can anyone link this fabricated story, so I can read it.
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