5/20/2019 - Anti-trans transgender people - Tommy is live


QT 219

That guy isn't perfect, but he has options. Why would he stoop so low with Tommy?
It's probably one of Tom's sick, depraved fantasies. He's never had a descent looking gut treat him kindly, so the first time one does, he creates this sick sexual fantasy.
Also, can anyone link this fabricated story, so I can read it.
Go to 58:38 in the video above.

Also, if anyone is dumb enough to bother this seemingly random person on Facebook, feel free to let him know that Tom doxed his personal information to Kiwi Farms in an attempt to get us to "go after him." Apparently Tom didn't like getting his melted face fucked for free. LOL

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
Person of Interest
Except that Tom's not even a troon. He's a man. So transpeople hate Tom for being Tom. Which makes them #PeakKiwi :story:
So well Put Zeitgeist And so true. The only thing Tom is for real is a dog fucking child molester.

That sharts himself like old faithful erupts at Yellowstone But more frequent and the smell could kill a mule 10 miles away.