5-8-2019 - a call from 'israel' -

Army Burger

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A caller asks Tommy about the Sabrina story, Tommy as usual chimps out, and then talks about his corruption allegations made against the TPD. Also claims that he'll get legal action against Parisho and the Gem Show promoter. Ends the video with a COPD fit and blames it on the Mesquite pollen.

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
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Why can’t he just admit that his lungs are fucked because of the accumulation of rock dust and tar in his lungs?
Same reason he says he is not a pedophile. psychotic dementia and an extremely low IQ.

He makes a dead sea sponge look like the smartest organism in the world compared to him.
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Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
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So wait was the callers name Israel?
Lol Thomas shartstain thinks so. He is so easy to get lulz out of.

All you have to do is soc him in stream and he squeals like a ree in seconds. Call him say any name and he instantly believes it.

Then he runs and gets some lube and a cucumber., and gets all pissed off later and ree's about it. After getting stood up and laughed at.

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