Surgery [5 Feb 2019] Phil suffers from "mysterious discharge" - "Revision surgery has been brought up"


Man of excellent taste
Hey, Phil! Are you aware of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in post surgical recovery? Just something you might want to think about
>hygiene and cleanliness
He wouldn't use any products that help his hygiene and cleanliness because he's too exceptional and probably thinks that hygiene and cleanliness are for fascists.


Your genderfeels is a beetle: a ladybug beetle
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Oh, I see. So he did stop posting because it became so inflamed it started to rot. I'm surprised it's still open, tbh. Also the mysterious discharge is pus or some sort of septic shock leak fluid shit.
Assuming he indeed had the chop-chop, he is most likely just leaking piss. Hence "revision surgery".
Dr. Doggie is a hack.

I don't get why people are bagging on Dr. Doogie here, he neutered a dangerous sped and ensured that it's literally impossible for any little spudlets to be born, plus he helped give us some primo drama in the stale ADF saga. The man deserves a medal for his efforts, and should castrate more dangerous antifa troon exceptional individuals.

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