Surgery [5 Feb 2019] Phil suffers from "mysterious discharge" - "Revision surgery has been brought up"

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It was posted in Toren thread that Phil is actually getting pretty sick of the actions of a certain ethical tranny. So I'd say he's made up this addition to the chop lie to avoid thinking about the incoming beating from the vodka goblin. The fact that discharge is involved is to try and get a featured thread to prove he is more opressed or something .


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"Some troons heal somewhat slower" - it's called an infection, Phil. It's what happens when you don't wash or change your clothes and underwear regularly. The mention of pelvic floor muscle problems makes me wonder if spudboy's diagonal ditch is prolapsing.

I mean, really. Literal re.tard who shits himself and doesn't wipe has major taint surgery. Him getting an infection was guaranteed, and Dr Doge ignoring Phil's physical cleanliness as well as his mental health issues (literal re.tard) to give 'life affirming surgery' just shows how informed consent is a bunch of trash. Still, if filthy idiots want to willingly neuter themselves, who are we to stand in the way?

Where's that street named after Dr Doge in Australautismland, Phil? I thought the man was a national hero? Slowly realising what a mess you've made of your own body?

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Friendly reminder: most doctors won't even do SRS if laser hair removal hasn't been 100% completed in the pubic area. This is so hair doesn't grow on the inside. As what can be seen in some of Phil's stink ditch photos, there's some hair down there.

Only god knows what's going on in that festering wound.

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I do hope he tries to pull something along the lines of ‘Dr. Dugi says it’s best to transition back’ and just pretends his microdick is a rebuilt penis and he claims to be the only MTFFTM antifansupersoldier
The whole transtrend made it easier than ever to have the chop chop done. That also means people that never should have it done, do have it done. This also means there is an ever increasing number of detransitioning people out there. And getting it repaired after such extensive surgery is not easy, results are never good.

Phil will regret this move, and I wonder if he then will stay in denial and insist it was the right thing, or if he will admit he dun goofed and try and score more oppression points out of it, and then kickstart a whole new saga, which has the potential of being the best one yet. I for one cannot wait.