Surgery [5 Feb 2019] Phil suffers from "mysterious discharge" - "Revision surgery has been brought up"

For those wondering what the good doctor Dugi looks like, here he is:

His reviews tend to be extremely hit-or-miss. I've selected some of his negative reviews for perusal. Emphasis mine.

From his OHSU profile:
  • Dr. Dugi certainly seems like a skilled surgeon except his first surgery on me was a failure. Time will tell with the second. Someone dropped the ball during this latest surgery, I had nerve strangulation which I am trying to recover from in addition to the urethroplasty and graft. Very very painful which there is NO EXCUSE FOR. (October 2018)
  • The only issue was DR Dugi didn't review my file before coming in. He was a little confusing at first as he thought my main surgery was a month ago (it was Jan 8 2018). My follow up surgery was 7 weeks ago and this was a check up for that surgery. Once his assistant and I corrected Dr Dugi, everything was fine. IMHO, A doctor should always review a patient's file before entering a room so as to avoid issues like this. (September 2018)
  • Likelhood of recommending is less due to poorly managed office with bad staff communication. (May 2018)
  • I did everything I could to clean up for my physical exam beforehand (bathing, clean clothes, etc.). Dr. Dugi coughed during the whole exam (and not at all the rest of the time). I was mortified with embarrassment. I'm getting genital surgery because I'm uncomfortable with my genitals, and this exacerbated that discomfort. (January 2018)
From his Vitals (archive) page:
  • I will never recover from what Dr. Dugi did to me, I am young but due to what Dugi did I can no longer have sex. I cannot believe how bad the results are, it's like he has never performed surgery before, i have been to other urologists and they recommend additional surgery to fix what Dugi did, it's his fault and he does not accept responsibility for the bad job he did. I am probably going to sue. (October 2012, titled "Worst experience of my life, VERY VERY VERY BAD")
  • I had an adult circumcision done. He did a very poor job as it looks like no operation I have ever seen... He made numerous errors and now I have skin permanently dangling in various areas and a completely bizarre appearance and poor function. He also did all this damage yet hardly removed any skin at all. However, Dugi insists he did a perfect job. What a horrible experience... (July 2012)
But the majority of the reviews are positive, it looks like. My theory is that it's because trannies are desperate to get their crotch gash that they wave away shitty bedside manner.

In conclusion, Dr. Dugi is gross and I would not let him touch my penis.