FIGGIN [5 Jan 19] Phil is now "Antifa Firearms Instructor"! -

Judge Holden

True & Honest Fan
Ass? we know where he is going to put it
Well when you think about it, firing off airsoft rounds deep, deeep into the maggot infested pus well is probably the closest he will ever get to sexual gratificatioon these days, and he will probably not even try to fish the rounds out after he is finished and thus allow the abscess-snatch to grow even further into his flesh

Also while I am pretty certain he is just spewing bullshit again to get our attention* it is pretty amusing to imagine just how fucking bad morale would be among those who sign up to his gun classes. Im guessing by the end of first class like half those there would have already shot themselves, and the rest would be slowly taking aim at phil

*like with so many other things potato man says

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