FIGGIN [5 Jan 19] Phil is now "Antifa Firearms Instructor"! -


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Our little tard is going places!

Yeah he's going some place alright. Jesus Christ. Hey Phil, care to tell us the rules of firearm safety? I can't wait til you start talking about how to properly handle a firearm. Are you also going to teach the other tards your "perfected" firearm stance?

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”
Well then I guess it's a good thing for humanity, and the city of portland that Phil can't do either.

What gets me is that the picture could be from anywhere. Neither Phil nor any other things attached to him are in the photo.
Just like the pictures of his trench. Phil just thinks that if he posts a picture of some random ass object, or patch, or something he's integreted into his personality, that everyone will automatically believe it's him, no questions asked.

Perhaps next he can declare himself the Antifa "bicycle instructor", secure in the knowledge that since he's the only one too dumb to ride a bike, he'll never have his ignorance exposed by being called upon to actually give riding lessons.
The only time that will ever happen is if antifa wanted to teach it's members how to ride a stationary bike, because fatfuck is a master of doing that.

Wow, good job being a hypocrite there Phil, how do you think your communist friends would feel about you being a patron of Amazon? Also, Phil answered the question so nicely, like he think you actually want to buy one of those shitty patches. Phil, we aren't stupid like you.

For all intents and purposes, a handgun has now become his new item of desire, the long awaited successor to the bike.

Which means once Phil gets it? He'll make a stupid little shrine to it and basically leave it alone once the novelty wears off.
That's pretty much what he will do. He will posture with it, point it at the camera and write something like "I'm coming to get you kiwi farms and facists, better watch out, because Izzy hell has a piece" or some other nonsense, get no asspats, then repost the same stupid image for the next couple days. Eventually, he will get bored of it, and stop using it, just like he did with his daughter bike that he swore up and down he was going to learn to ride after he got his dick chopped off.
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Wait, Philthy wants a Kel-Tec? The preferred firearm of George Zimmerman? As endorsed by conservative talk pundit Dana Loesch? Nice to know you'll line their pockets if you did buy one, Phil! And I thought you'd get yourself an imported Tokorev semi-auto or a Chinese "100 rounds then discard" SKS rifle. Tsk. Stalin is turning over in his grave, comrade!

The closest Phil will ever get to being a firearms instructor is when medical students study the case of the man who somehow got an Airsoft rifle stuck up his own ass.


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Ignoring the fact that Phil has accidentally admitted to lying about his rank, and the fact that even someone who knows nothing about guns can tell he’s bullshitting, he’s forgotten that he also claimed to have severe PTSD, DID and bipolar disorder, all of which would render him unsuitable for the position.