FIGGIN [5 Jan 19] Phil is now "Antifa Firearms Instructor"! -


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Doesn't matter if he got it from Amazon or Ebay, it still makes him a consumer whore.
He could've DIYed it like he did with the misshapen red star on a black beret from back in his 'Maoist' days. Or the 'little red book' that was probably a book of kids' stories that he made a coloured-in red paper cover for and pretended was the real thing at Occupy.

Phil's cosplay never improves, despite him doing it every day. He's just too autistic and re.tarded to realise that people are laughing at him.

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Remember when Phil colored in a vest with a Sharpie?

Kiwi Farms remembers.
For a long while now Phil has seemed to have this idiotic belief that if he inks something into his skin or draws it on his clothing that it somehow becomes a valid part of his identity. From being a woman to his ethnicity to his political views, if Phil gets a tattoo referring to it or writes it on his clothes, then it magically makes it part of his identity. Maybe this patch is a continuation of that line of reasoning and he got it because he couldn't afford to get it tattooed into his pig flesh?

And no, Mr. Isaboy, just because you got a tattoo or velcro patch about something doesn't make it true. You're as much of a firearms instructor as you are a brain surgeon, rocket scientist, or woman. Going on two shooting trips with your fellow Antifaggot poseur butt buddy and shooting at a dirt berm, then buying a little embroidered patch doesn't make you a firearms instructor. It makes you a pathetic wannabe, just like you are with Antifa.

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Let’s not be too harsh on Phil. I think there’s a lot he can teach about firearms: what not to do with them.

The only thing I’m wondering is who is going to be Phil’s first accidental shooting: himself or the idiots who took him to a gun range?

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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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you can buy a v8 badge for a dollar and slap it on a honda civic boot but all it does is make it marginally shittier.
Likewise, you can gold plate a Pigman and he's still a Pigman.

I've said it before, but Phil really has no identity or personality of his own. He says what his identity is, but it's all just crap that he hopes will impress people. His identity is like a paper doll: it's a blank slate. Its something that he can dress up with different outfits in the hopes of impressing and gaining the attention of people and groups he wants to be associated with, but it has no substance of it's own.

Phil says he's punk, but couldn't tell you who Dee Dee Ramone or Johnny Rotten were without Googling it. Phil claims to be Anarcho-Communist, but he's a massive consumerist whore who doesn't work and lives off the backs of the tax payers. Phil says that he was homeless on the streets, but most of that time he was either crashing on someone's couch or renting motel rooms. Phil claims he is an Antifa Sooper Soaker, but he's really just an autistic bumblefuck who doesn't even know anyone in Antifa and never goes to a protest if there is the slightest chance that violence might break out. And now he is saying he's a firearms instructor even though he's only been shooting twice, doesn't know how to stand or hold a firearm properly, has never actually shot at a target for accuracy (he just popped off rounds into the side of a dirt berm), and likely had to have everything done for him, from loading the magazine to having the safety switched to "fire" after the weapon was handed to him.

The closest things you could call personality traits or factors in his identity are that he's a poseur and autistic, but those don't really count. He just cherry picks things that he likes that he hopes will get him attention from the people and groups he looks up to, beats people over the head with them on social media to an obsessive degree, then discards them when they don't have the desired effect. Wash, rinse, repeat.


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you can buy a v8 badge for a dollar and slap it on a honda civic boot but all it does is make it marginally shittier.
That is often done in humor tho. My old mailman put turbo stickers on the mail truck and he was issued one of the old ones powered by a GM iron duke. The ET is about the same, as it would take a person to run a quarter mile. (read absurdly slow). Good giggles.

Some people will have a base model mustang and slap GT stickers on it and it's able to scare those not in the know at a stop light, anyone who's into cars will take small notes and know the deal.

Phil is like the v8 on a civic sticker. No one will fall for it. It is such a comical idea it amuses us and others. But much like the spoiled high schooler who's mad mommy got him a little 4 banger when he wanted a corvette, this was done out of spite and to try to scare people. To keep the car theme of this going, Phil would lose to used mini van in the drag race of life.

Speaking of gun shit since Phil reads here, and I like to brag. My 3rd can came in. I own more supressors than Phil has guns or will ever own. I don't call myself anything more than a gun hoarding retard. Yes I teach people and share my hobby. Guns aren't a hobby to Phil, nor a career. For anyone like firearms or not, they are tools. Tools can be for play or work. Phil does neither of these, he sees guns as some pseduo sexual power thing. Fruedian nightmare use. He doesn't like a gun because it's history, it's look etc. Phil wants a gun that will inspire fear to people, the groups he doesn't like. I'm shocked he doesn't lust over the Deagle because Jace tier love for that is real and frankly it's a bit spooky to be around both due to it's concussive force and to be frank, people with them are 85% idiots. I don't fear any gun but when I see a deagle I know to change lanes.

Isn't Phil also lately pretending he's not part of Antifa anyway? It's so hard to keep up with his lies, no wonder he claims fibro it gives me a head ache to read this stupid, to live it must be like a migrane 24/7.


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Isn't Phil also lately pretending he's not part of Antifa anyway?
He claims he is, but the Antifa he’s part of seems to be some kind of group for special needs adults who don’t know what Antifa is. They seem to view themselves as some kind of government-in-exile/revolutionary army rather than a protest group. It’s more like a LARP crew than a political organisation, and laughable even compared to the rest of Antifa.


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I hope if someone does give him a gun they give him some double charged +p++ with tin cases.
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He really is angry he doesn't have any form of real accomplishments in life and skill in fire arms if he's doing this. Sorry Phil, but you're still fat, still stupid, and still easily killable if we had the same level of aggressive stupidity as you do.
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