50% of women by 2020 will have a penis - Will


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Hello, I have been doing the math and I have come up with the percentage. By 2020 50% of women will have a penis. Recently a lot of men have been making the transition and becoming women. Have you seen on tv how parents are now giving their sons hormone blockers. Stopping the boys from going through puberty so that they can make the transition. Also, a lot of guys in their early 20s have been seeing a lot of the social justice warrior stuff on the internet and tv and have taken it to heart, and decided to make the transitions themselves. Would you date a black girl? No? Your a racist. But a more important question we must now ask, would you date a brave a beautiful [tex]woman who has a penis? Saying no would be terribly misogynistic. But nobody is forcing you to date a woman with a penis of course. No. However, if you meet a woman and are attracted to her and like her and want to date her, then you should still want to date her even after she tells you she has a penis. It was very brave of her to tell you she has a penis. So date her. I’m not saying you should go out of your way to date a woman with a penis, but If you meet a woman, don’t let her penis or lack of penis scare you away. This is the brave future, penis is not something to be afraid of or ashamed of.[/tex]

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