500+ LB LIFE| EXERCISE WITH ME - She’s probably 600 lbs now

What would you rather?

  • Wipe Al every time she goes to the bathroom

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Watch Al exercise in the nude 5 times a week

    Votes: 167 67.6%
  • Make out with Becky 3 times a week

    Votes: 40 16.2%
  • Eat Al’s cooking for an entire year

    Votes: 38 15.4%

  • Total voters


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March 31, 2019
  • Gorl goes on about how vlogging from a phone is better
  • Trisha Paytas vlogs from her phone all the time
  • Talks about MSHPL and says that it was really eye opening
  • Talks about wanting to work on her own weight
April 1, 2019
  • Goes to an appointment
  • Goes to Wommart and spergs about chairs
  • Chooses some 3 lb weights to start exercising
  • She did 15 arm ups and 37 punches
  • Organizes her makeup throws out the makeup she doesn’t use
  • Says that her vlogs are more about her life
  • Since she’s the weight she is, it’s going to focus more on her weight loss, but that’s not the sole thing about this channel
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Christ on crutches. I already have a headache. I need a drink.

ETA: Nasty bra, check. Stupid ass fake septum ring, check, new spot on her face, check.

ETA Again: No bitch, doctors and dietitians give the same fucking advice. Physically go to one, go to both, they will tell you the same shit. Stop listening to randos on YouTube. The only one you should have listened to O2B, you threw right under the bus.
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I tuck you in after you have cum
Gotta wonder if that title is her subtly admitting she has in fact breached 600lbs.

I feel like if she would have put 600 lb life in the title, she would have got way more views, but then she'd actually have to admit she's reached 600. And even if she's not 600 :optimistic: she's closer to 600 than 500 anyways, why not just put it in the title? Oh yeah, that would just fuel the haydurs. Gotta prove them wrong boo boo.

Mangy Mutt

spreading disease
If you're here to amuse yourself by watching a big fatty do exercise, I'm afraid you're out of luck. She never actually exercises in this video, only gives a brief example of the exercises she'll be doing at 6:20;
Knowing Amber she probably believes that what she just did in that gif is enough exercise til this time next week. Gotta be careful not to overdo it, boo boo.


She's holding those ridiculous fucking things with her one, giant, fat hand.


Seriously, why even bother buying those things? Lifting a carton of tard cum has better results. I can't imagine working the cash register when she waddled over and placed those things on the belt. I'd get fired for laughing at a customer, and I wouldn't stop laughing until I was escorted out of the building by paramedics and given anesthesia.


If u r autistic and u know it, post on the Farms
If you're here to amuse yourself by watching a big fatty do exercise, I'm afraid you're out of luck. She never actually exercises in this video, only gives a brief example of the exercises she'll supposedly be doing at 6:20;
Seeing this gif made me think - does Amber really sleep on Pillow Mountain or are there just some pillows underneath Pillow Amber? Man, I know she was massive, but from this perspective she looks enormous :O

Edit:Amber Mountain. Mountain, not Pillow. Fuck you, brain.
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