565 pounds versus 519 pounds - (02/01/20) -


Fuck this bitch. You can't fucking put a title in with a weight and then immediately throw in the subtitle that contradicts that shit. In what fucked-up part of her lard-riddled brain made her think this fucking-dumb video would be a good idea? Fuck this noise. I'm officially joining the "show dem leyyyyygs" team, because I'd prefer to vomit from disgust than vomit from rage.

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I don't pay these things any attention, because when she's afraid of hitting a new milestone, she freezes her weight. Like when she hit 572, and then went on to visibly gain more weight, but swore she was only losing..when it was clearly the opposite. Same she did with 497, until she finally admitted to be 500lbs. Her 565 could be anything, because she froze her weight for so long.

This is why I don't understand why people continue to believe her lies. The body/actions will follow the mind, not the other way around. If her deception hasn't stopped and she hasn't learned accountability/personal responsibility, how could anything change? If Amber was for real she'd lay out on table, "In the past, I haven't been honest about my weight gain. My highest weight was X, I've gotten it down to Y. I'm starting to see how weight is hurting my health and has limited my mobility and I'm going to get help.. " Who couldn't respect that? Nope, just b.s. and trying to convince* randos that she's telling the truth, but she can't possibly be telling the truth on top of a lie, without correcting the lie, first.
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Okay, stepping into the surreal Amberverse here, the weight loss she's claiming represents about 8% of her also claimed starting weight. It doesn't matter how she lost it, (I agree with everyone here saying it was due to Becky being out of it & all the antibiotics), I'd be happy & excited about that. I don't see anything remotely like happiness or enthusiasm in that short video.

It's as if she's trying to convince herself she has lost that, (who the hell knows at this point?), & that it's a GOOD thing.

If she's serious about putting in the work needed to lose the amount she needs to lose to live a decently healthy life from here on in, she should be looking at what she's eaten, (1 resolution was food journaling), compare that to weight lost over varying time periods, (something else she was going to journal), compare again to days where she got more steps in & find out what seemed to result in the fastest weight loss.

Instead, I get the feeling she's still on a bound to be fruitless search for something "fun", cute & quirky that still lets her esat what & when she wants.

Major lifestyle changes are a bitch. Initially, they're inconvenient, there's a lot of time spent learning what you need to learn to succeed & the doing... which is not fun at first. Even when you're seeing positive results, it can take a long time to mentally & emotionally embrace what you're doing & start feeling good about it.

And that's where she falls down. The minute her initial planning high fades, she gets discouraged, probably gets depressed & quits. "Fuck it, not worth feeling like this!" Therapy would help her learn to change that thinking, abit at a time, over time.

She spends more time worrying about "depriving" herself of food then she does worrying about depriving herself of health & a meaningful life. She's always, scared, worried, anxious & every other negative word you can use to speak about emotions.

Therapy would give her tricks to use to stop the negative vocabulary & replace it with positive ways to speak of, then think about what she's doing.

But that whole control thing & hating being told what to do gets in her way every time. Ironically, the more she worries about keeping control, the less she has. The more defiant about being told what to she is, the more her increasing limitations tell her what she will or will not be able to do.

Okay, time to get off & bust up the soap box.


If Amber dropped 50 pounds already since her freshly subscription or whatever, she would step on a scale. She'd gloat, she'd love rubbing it in the haydurs faces "see, I can do it" instead she's putting up body shots and trying to allude to looking thinner. The problem with trying to lie like this is that she has awful body dysmorphia and sees herself as a skinny legend who doesn't need to lose weight, she can't honestly assess the state of her own body. The only thing she can go by honestly is a number on a scale and she doesn't like that number.


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Fascinating. Her head looks slightly less fat in different lighting and angles. Imagine that. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that yes her face looks slightly less fat. There you go, Amber. Your redemption arc is complete. Reward yourself with some orange chicken.

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She is trying way too hard to prove this 50 pound weight loss. If she actually lost the weight, she shouldn't feel the need to make a stupid video like this.
Slight disagree. She loves asspats and wants to reap this "success" for all it's worth. She finds pride in mundane shit and half failures. Her massive ego makes her do nonsense like this.

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There was a real eye rolling moment in her last 'real' video. She mentioned she Premiered that one because in the Premier format, people can't skip ahead to a weigh in or anything else convenient for the VIEWER. Instead, they're forced to listen to everything she has to say.

Does she not realize how pathetic that is; to use a format that forces people to listen to you because you have no other way to hold their genuine interest?

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She is trying way too hard to prove this 50 pound weight loss. If she actually lost the weight, she shouldn't feel the need to make a stupid video like this.
She's trying way too hard yet not at all. All she needs to do to prove the weight loss is to film herself (whole body) on the talking scale. It's really that easy. Yet she's doing everything BUT that.