565 pounds versus 519 pounds - (02/01/20) -


Ride the Lightening
She did brag like hell about it, though.
I think she exaggerated the fuck out of how much she lost, but she probably did lose a little something from being so fucking sick and decreasing her food intake. She is melking the supposed weight loss for all she can right now. It'll dry up soon.
Then onto horrid torrid hauls with the size 6x telling everyone it's a 4. Lol
After the mukbang shit dies down.
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Plague Dog

I don't think she lost any weight. She's good at those camera angles.
She would have been bragging like hell about it.
She showed a shot of the old scale that I know those much larger tree trunks of hers can't even fit on.
She lies about everything and being the narc she is- she would die before admitting she made it over the big 600elbees
But we got ya fat girl. We saw all of your deformed ass in mumbles vids.
But she's also looking a lot faster again now. Idk
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