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I attended the court hearing this morning. I have photographic confirmation but I just cannot figure out how to get these goddamn photos from my phone onto my desktop. (EDIT: proof added, see below) I am not a good gangstalker. When I figure it out I will append the images, which are just my receipts and potato-quality photos of the courthouse.

Chris's hearing was to begin at 9:30. The courthouse opened for business at 9:00. I got there at 9:05, sat down, and realized Chris was already in the room, sitting across from me. Let me proffer the opinion that Chris passes as a woman. An ugly, frowsy, dumpy, old-fashioned, middle-aged woman to be sure, but there are many women like this, so therefore Chris passes. In a public setting like the courtroom, where you don't give people a close inspection, there would be no reason not to assume that the lump sitting over there was a woman. The five 0'clock shadow is easily visible from a distance, which would be your first clue that something was unusual.

He was wearing an aqua blue outfit with matching eyeshadow. Blue sweater, blue collared blouse with vertical stripes, blue skirt with vertical stripes, dark stockings. Everything matched well except for his grotty sneakers, which are blue but the wrong shade. He shouldn't have been wearing sneakers anyhow with this outfit. He had his typical ugly dark nail polish, two rings on his right hand, and some kind of multicolored bracelet on his left wrist. He had a headband, and his hair looked the way it has in all his recent photos. He wore his glasses. He had his black purse with all the jangly shit hanging off it. He was reading something; I couldn't tell what it was at first, but when he stood up it turned out to be the issue of Vanity Fair with Ms. Caitlyn Jenner on the cover. He uses his index finger to help him read.

Chris has a weird body type. He's pudgy, but his forearms and ankles are really skinny, so the weight gathers in the center of his body. He looks kind of like Mr. Peanut. His breasts are as small as ever and there was zero evidence of gainz.

When I first arrived there was a middle-aged woman sitting next to him. I assumed she was his public defender, but as soon as the judge arrived (at the same time I did), she went up to speak with the judge and left the room. Before she left, Chris said to her, "I'm Christine, by the way." The woman introduced herself to Chris and said goodbye. So Chris had apparently initiated smalltalk. A few minutes later Chris did a little handwave to a female lawyer who walked in, who returned the wave. He seemed to be checking out every woman who entered the courtroom.

The judge stuck around for just a few minutes and left again. A cop went around the room to ask everyone, "Are you set for 9:30?" When she asked Chris, he said, "Huh?" She repeated the question, and Chris said, "Um, yeah, I believe so."

The courtroom is small and as other field agents have mentioned, the mood is relaxed and casual, or as much as it can be with seven jerkops hanging around and three guys in the front row with manacled ankles and wrists. The judge is a black woman. She handled one case regarding probation violation before 9:30, which was done very casually and informally, while the other lawyerfolk had quiet chats and shot the breeze with the sheriffs. For the most part everyone just sat around.

The main reason why I made the last-minute decision to attend was that he's been enraged about the new blarms game, and I was hoping he'd show up with a sign demanding justice for transsexuals or something equally dramatic. Chris's mood was entirely the opposite. He was self-contained, calm, and collected. He was not angry, stressed, or nervous. He was not fidgety. It was very hard to believe that this was the person who just the day before had expressed a public wish to beat up Sega executives. He sat and read his magazine. At one point something he was reading caught his interest and he said "Hm!" suddenly, causing the woman sitting next to him (a different one) to turn her head to look at him. He seemed somewhat bored. He yawned twice, loudly, putting his hand over his mouth, which struck me as rather self-indulgent and overly dramatic.

Around 9:40, after a couple quiet cases, they called "Christian Chandler." At this point the lawyer who had defended the probation violator walked over to Chris and escorted him to the front, revealing himself as the public defender. He is young, skinny, bearded, wore tweed. He seems like a good guy, pretty relaxed. He looks like he knows his way around a college debate tournament. Right then three lawyers decided to sit down right in front of me and hold a conference, making it difficult to hear what was said. It was apparent that the first words out of the judge's mouth was that there was a continuance. Chris asked a question. The judge said it would be dealt with at the next hearing, and that he should stay in touch with his lawyer. She and the lawyer wore big patronizing smiles. They treated him like a sensitive child. Their attitude was, "Everyone is your friend, no one wants to attack you." In the previous probation case, the judge was serious and all business, because she was speaking with an adult. Here, even though macing someone is also pretty serious business, she knew she was dealing with a special individual and it was pointless to deal with him normally. So Chris has basically already won over the judge. I predict that, for better or worse, he will receive psychological treatment and very little punishment.

Chris's attorney walked him out of the courtroom, and I followed them out. They hung out on the front porch for about a minute to cover some issues. He told Chris that for the next hearing, "Be a little early like you were today." Another lawyer, a pretty young woman, joined them, and she was also all smiles. Chris complimented her clothing, and she replied, "I like your color too."

Then Chris walked the 100 feet to the curb, and I realized that Son-Chu was sitting right there, shiny and new and as blue as Sonic's arms. Since there was some controversy earlier, let me clarify that Chris is not parking illegally. The handicapped spot is adjacent to the judge's spot, and the sign is clearly marked. Chris is legally allowed to park in the handicapped spot because of his atismu. I had to pay five bucks to park in a garage two blocks away.

He sat in his car for about a minute, and then drove off.

For me the most remarkable thing was how much progress Chris has made in getting over his social anxiety. He was very eager to initiate contact with any pretty woman he saw. I think it's something he should be proud of--he's not the same guy who had to post a sign on the wall because of his noviophobia. This is actually a proven method for overcoming social anxiety--the more experience you have in talking to strangers, the easier it becomes. Of course, none of this will help him find a sweetheart, because while Chris is friendly, he's also immediately off-putting. He's instantly recognizable as a weirdo.

It also struck me that there's a parallel with his demand that Olmar Woodley be brought before him. Chris is being forced against his will to attend this court hearing and be judged. Similarly, he wants Olmar to be forced to appear before Judge Christine and suffer punishment. Chris doesn't like authority, so he fantasizes that the tables are turned and he is the authority. This court shit is weighing on his mind.

So that's it, no photos, no video. The only photos are just to prove validity. I didn't have the time or energy to do anything else. C-Ville is a nice-looking town. I'll answer any questions, but there's not much else to say.

EDIT: I just scanned my receipt and attached it. I hate cell phones more than I can say.

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It's nice to hear that Chris is trying to socialize and not digging a hole for himself.

It seems like we're never going to get any closure though, at least for the next few months. Not that I can really be disappointed anymore. There will be a few more continuances, Chris will get a slap on the wrist, and that'll be the end of it. I don't think we're going to get any more surprises from here on out.


Was Chris' blue outfit the same as the one she's been wearing to the previous dates?
At the last hearing he wore a purple (edit: green?) outfit with a broad-brimmed hat. I don't remember seeing any recent pictures of Chris wearing an aqua outfit.
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That sounds like the skirt he wore to the first hearing back in February (or whenever it was) when he went with Barb, there's a video of them leaving the courthouse together (I don't remember where it is). Last month he wore a teal outfit with a matching hat over a white t-shirt. I was so worried that no one had decided to go today because I nearly live for the Cville CWC Courthouse Catwalk report. Thank you so much for the coverage, you're a great writer!


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Thanks for going! I don't know what your trip was like, but would you say this was worth the effort? From everything you've shared, I'm torn between being happy that Chris has improved his social skills, and disappointed that nothing really funny happened. I'd have been thrilled by an account of Chris pulling a Larry Flynt and rolling into court in a wheelchair, wearing a Sonic Boom diaper.


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I'm actually really impressed and thankful for Chris's improvement socially. Good for him. I'll even go so far as to say good for him for learning to comply with courtroom procedure. That's one environment where "don't be a tard" is a pretty high bar to set.

I'm still very sure that Chris will fuck up majorly again in the near future... But I do have to admit even his meager improvements are more than I ever expected of him.

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Hope you had a good time in the C-Ville and thanks for going! He's definitely gotten better with speaking to wimmin. In the Catie Date he didn't stutter or start his sentence over again which I found amazing in contrast to his old videos, so hearing that he's making small talk and having multiple social interactions when he goes out is expected, but still interesting to know.
I would say he's grown so much but then I remember blarms and I tailor it back a little to "he's getting better."
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