6/15/2020 - BREAKING: Queers win in the Supreme Court on 6-3 decision - 911 call, farms browsing and ragequit

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Tooter gets into a heated argument with the 911 operators after being correctly referred to as a man. Shortly after, he attempts to go onto the kiwifarms intending to make fun of it only to ragequit instead.

lol do you think the 911 operators put newbies on tooter's number as a twisted method of hazing?


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After the 30 minute mark he just stares creepily at the camera with those dead fish eyes of his and it's just utterly disturbing how you can visibly see the lack of sanity in them.

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I look into those eyes and know hell is empty and the devil walks among us! Repent sinners for the day of the lord is at hand!


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Please be reminded that this individual totally passes as a woman and you should be ashamed to be mistaken and call him sir. He is a transblander female. Get it right.