6/16/2020 - True stories rather than demented, defamatory raves of a sad lonely pervert -


Tom sounds real mad and hes reading AMB posts.

Here is a funny one he made on AMB tonight!

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The pervert old man who diddles children and dogs manages to write in the same post that:

1 he has "mild psychosis"

2 he will meet with the "director of psychiatry"

3 nobody will die since the ancestors will come back some time this year and reptilian people will be annihilated or some shit like that

So Thomas the blob of rotting rat entrails:

1 a psychosis is by definition a false perception of reality, i.e. you are crazy and imho getting Alzheimer's on top of COPD, which means in a couple of years you'll be underground serving as compost, not anymore living manure, just buried one

2 nobody with "mild" psychosis meets with the "director" of paychiatry, just a normal doctor. If you need the director you are very crazy. Did you tell them you think children can have sex? Let's hope after you get in somebody will turn the key. But imho they rather won't, you arefilthy and carry lice and you'll contaminate people. But then maybe they can wash you with a hose.

3 is a psychotic statement if ever I saw one, so maybe someone finds you a danger to self or others and you'll be sectioned, then bye Thomas, nobody will miss you. You know there you can scream but really it's as if no sound comes out, nobody hears you :-) day after day :-) it will be fun and instructive