6/20/2020 - Telling Myself Jokes With My Saxophone -

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Stilgar of Troon

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How do you rate his exaggerated facial expressions and flailing around like an exceptional individual?
Weirdly, that's not atypical but I guess you notice it less and are more forgiving when the musicians are decent enough to excuse it. Tom always looks like he's trying to pass a turd with a knot in it...

I take exception with the statement that he isn't a bad musician "per-se". I think he's a talentless asshat and a fake musician.
In the same way a "writer" can know a lot of nouns and synonyms and adjectives, spell them all correctly and still have no idea how to use them properly, I guess is where I was going...

Mariposa Electrique

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100% this. Tom isn’t necessarily a bad musician, it’s just clear that he doesn’t understand what makes music appealing. Ever watch a sporting event, boxing is most guilty of this, and the person tasked to sing a simple song like the national anthem completes butchers it by over embellishing and flourishing? That’s Tooter. There is beauty in simplicity, and in music, less is often way more. Given how big of a simpleton the subject matter is, you’d think he’d actually be able to play the recorder, an instrument taught in elementary schools to children who are 8-years old, skillfully.

Kind of depressing if you take the fact that music is this dude’s only outlet, and he can’t even take it seriously.
I wouldn't even call him a musician, I would compare him to a 12-year-old shoving a saxophone in his anus and farting out sounds.


Tom can only afford well used training instruments and not quality equipment.

well that is true in so many metaphorical ways about him.

Maybe he's getting bloated because of heart failure, it goes together with the COPD. Thomas, who diddles dogs and children will have a rough ride. I wonder if the legs are already swollen. No, Tom, it's not from sitting down the whole day. Healthy people sit in classrooms and offices and don't have swollen legs, don't fool yourself.

Also it's not like you have a heart attack and die Tom, I think you will be in a room with other old people with more advanced Alzheimer's than yours.

Except, Tom, many others have dementia and can move, you won't be able to with COPD and heart failure on oxygen.

At night they will think they see their dead wife and see her instead of seeing you. And you scream "help", but the nurse doesn't care, she thinks you're acting up again.

And you won't be able to wipe it off your eyes and it will sting until the morning when the nurse comes and finds somebody ripped your catheter off.

This is what happens when nobody cares about you, Tom. When you diddle dogs and children and think it's good, that's how you end.

That day will come, Tom, every day you're getting closer, no use trying not to think about it.

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