6-22-2019 - Tom finds a new way to wipe his ass - Scientists are said to be astounded..


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So I got two disagrees to my comment.

Am I to understand that Americans are happy with their guests deciding NOT to wipe after a greasy American poop, but instead to allow the feces and e. Coli to be washed onto the shower floor surface the whole family walks on while barefoot?? How is this considered acceptable behavior in any part of the 🗺???
I think the point is everyone (hopefully) cleans their ass in the shower. Not that ppl shit and then jump directly into the shower.

Howard Stern used to say he had a two wipe rule. If it took more than two wipes to clean his butt after a poop, he just jumped in the shower to clean off.
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But in the stone age...!
Tom is like a billion years old and hasn't learned that it's poor form to announce a change in bowel movement consistency

I raped a dog 2day

Tom is like a billion years old and hasn't learned that it's poor form to announce a change in bowel movement consistency
It’s more acceptable than him telling everyone about fingering a dog or trying to rape an underage girl or eating garbage, but he’s done all those things. You can always count on Tom to tell everyone way more than anyone wanted to hear.

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It’s almost par for course that lolcows unnecessarily shit themselves. ADF, Chris and now Tommy. Who’s next? Amber Lynn? The Slaton sisters?
Amy Slaton has actually already regaled us with a story of how she once poop'd herself while like 10 oe 11 (i think) and at school. And then getting her fat body lifted up off the ground by an adult like "[she] was a sack of taters"

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