Interests 6/22 - Chris at Too Many Games convention - Day 2 - Chris has a meltdown, kicked out of con for boundary issues, kissing attendees

Who's to blame for Chris being kicked out?

  • Christine

  • The Convention itself

  • CJ


  • The Captain for sending him there in the first place

Results are only viewable after voting.

mod edit: On Day 2, Chris was kicked out due to boundary issues (being touchy, kissing attendees) - posts about this are here, here and here - and reacted with a meltdown by curling up on the floor (video).

Chris later tweeted and said that wasn't aware he had been warned against physical contact as the staff had only warned him via Facebook Messenger (the message given is posted here). On the other hand, according to someone who is friends with staff, they said they had given Chris face-to-face warnings.

The following day, Chris tried to justify his actions on Twitter, showing he had learned nothing.

Someone got video of Chris kissing a guy on the cheek from before he was kicked out.


Looks like he made it. Guess he was driving fast enough.


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Buck Mullet
How the hell does he take card? Does he just borrow your credit card and go “mmmyeah, I’ll just take this and mail it back to you later.” Unless he blew more money on a card swiper for his phone
Eh, one of those Square card readers is marked down to 6 bucks on Amazon right now. And reading the reviews it seems easy enough for Chris to use. Some folks are a little salty that they apparently send you one for free if you just download the app, but sure Chris avoided that bother, and paid the full retail price of $9.99 before it went on sale.

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