Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal -


News feeds were getting filled with stories of "Traumatized" rich yuppies all day today.

One of them was literally "It shook our designer chandeliers, scared my purebred toy poodle, and made my new iPhone fall on the ground and break it's screen!"

I honestly wish it was more serious so these pretentious assholes would actually have something to whine about.


(Cheesy 80s music intensifies)
Yeah, California is (unfortunately) the gold standard when it comes to anti-seismic structural design and building regulations. My own country bases its regulations on the California Building Code. Other than *maybe* the Japanese, nobody is better prepared for a large scale event like the commiefornians, they aren't going to get wiped by mother nature any time soon.
Oh I'm sure the wildfires would have something to say about that.


What does it mean that these keep happening? Cali getting its second strongest earthquake in 20 years, days after the first one seems like it would be significant
Not a whole lot. Is there any meaning to Florida getting hit by a hurricane, Oklahoma getting wrecked by a tornado, or Houston flooding?

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