Off-Topic [6 Dec 18] Phil Has A Nightmare - Defends his hovel with totally bad ass gunfighting against Kiwi Operatives / Literally Shaking


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Phil we only have to smoke you out with smoke grenades and wait for you to a) throw yourself out of the window to save us the trouble or b) wait for you to get out to finish the job , actually forgot the grenade, we could use a bottle of Air freshener, will have the same effect

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I see the Kiwi Telepathic Dream Defense Administration has made yet another successful attack. First it's the nightmares. Then it's the subliminal messages telling him to have a shower every once in a while. And when Australatina has burnt to ashes - then he'll have our permission to shit his pants and do nothing.


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He'll fuck up at some point. His ego is bigger than his brain and his mouth writes checks his ass can't check. Sure so far he's been lucky but that shits gonna run out and when it does you can bet we'll get a 'the cis-patriarchy sent fash's to accost me. I killed them but not before they all raped and suckerpunched me at the same time. The police were gonna arrest me but then Antifa showed up and they ran so that'll teach those trans hating Proud Boys.'
Stop stealing my ideas Phil.

Also he didn't just take one bullet to the shoulder (blame movies for convincing people this is something you can just walk off) but he took multiple bullets. Cute.


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We have 24,610 members according to the staff. We have many speds here too. And then there was this one sped who had profile here who went and got cucked by a couch. Normal person would treat that as an exception, outlier case, whatever. But not Phil. No wonder he's can't leave the apartment since there's literally tens of thousands schoolsooters waiting for him.


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Lol, he thinks he'd catch us.
Funny thing is he thinks other people care about him/what he writes ever since kengle and that other tard gave him attention. No one cares about your dream Phil, you dumb faggot. Also, if there ever was a gunfight, your stupid ass would more than likely send youself to the hospital due to not knowing how to handle a gun properly, that, or you'd break both arms/legs due to your autistic stance.