7-11 - Thank you come again

Return of the Freaker

Around me it's basically 7-11, Convenient Food Mart, or some independent ghetto convenience store. GetGo and Sheetz do have some presence if you count them as convenience stores.


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originally I was just going up to the nearby one to get some gummie worms, but they had Corona Familiars in stock so I got some other junk too
7-Eleven brand "Root beer float sandwich cookies" generic oreos with a root beer float theme. Nice.
7-Eleven sour neon gummie worms. cromulent sour neon gummy worm
and a strawberry-cream flavored of those 7 Days filled croissant-like dessert food product, not bad but needed way more filling


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I really like 7-11s 1/8th size hot dogs. They really are perfect in every way. All other foods on offer, to include the 1/4 hot dog are absolute trash. I would rather spend 2 dollars on a McDouble. I once took a look at their "deli" and the ingredient list on the salads and sandwiches requires a PhD in chemistry to understand. The peanut butter pretzel nuggets are great though.


I'll say this, don't eat the products they try to convince people are 'cheeseburgers' I made that mistake once. Christmas day, was in a hurry to get to the ferry to visit family the next day so I bought one. Keep in mind it was dark out and pitch black in the car. I took a few bites, noticed it had a weird spicy taste that didn't seem normal so I switched the light on and......there was a layer of green mold or fungus of some kind between the cheese and meat, that was as thick as the cheese slice. Somehow it didn't make me violently ill but I have never eaten anything out of a 7-11 since