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Targeted by Cyber Criminals

Calling to set the record straight that he is not a child predator.

Calls out Dee Price. Calls Dee "extremely unhinged". Pot meet kettle.

He is now explaining to the dispatcher that he had to kick Dee out of his internet group.

The poor dispatcher couldn't give 2 fucks.

Tommy deadnames Dee.

Tommy doxes his phone number again and asks if a mental health officer could give him a returm call. I'm sure the dispatcher was pretending to write his number down.

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Just some asshole cat
Lol, calling a police departments and saying “people are accusing me of being a child predator” takes some serious balls lol.
I mean at this point I'm expecting him to just tell his very "interesting" stories where he totally did not rape a dog and a minor to the cops or the feds in an effort to prove he is not. Wouldn't that be entertaining?