Sonichu 7/17 - Sonichu 12, pages 15-26 -

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Stop the Sonichu Train, I want off.

While it hasn't reached Baby Smurf Torture Porn levels of creepiness yet, it's getting close. CWC must be incredibly fucked in the brain by now, he turned from most harmless manchild to lesbiantransvaginahormonesvulvagaaaaaagh in just a few years' time.


Less fun than a glory hole.
So this entire time I thought Roberta's hair was an afro but this comic made me realize she has straight hair.
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Yeah it took me a while to figure that out too. I think in the last updates pages it was said Roberta dyed her quills? So I just figured she did some shit job that made an awkward ring around her head only for it to grow into a frizzy mess when she was listening to binaural beats to ascend into a True and Honest woman.
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Hello faggot lovers!
and all this time sonichu just wanders aimlessly because he has nothing to do, once in a while he'll bump into chris and ask "are we going to go on an adventure?"
to which chris tells him to go away, for he is a brutish male.
Poor Sonichu, it's not really his comic anymore!

We came up with the name "Vulva Pie" during Jackie and we didn't explain to Chris what it meant.
Oooh, now I see!


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What kind of animal is Vulva Pie (hehehe) supposed to be, anyway?

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Chris is not familiar with the practice. He was just making a stupid reference to french kissing.
Really? I thought it would at least be a reference to oral sex, although Chris seems to remain pretty convinced the main method for lesbian lovin' is scissoring.
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