Sonichu 7/17 - Sonichu 12, pages 15-26 -

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How does Robbie actually cause the Sonic boom when he can't even increase his speed in the sky since he has no wings?
I think that's what Chris was hamfistedly trying to explain in page 20. Like he's able to magic up a racetrack with his powers or some shit.
-Something Something- These are the new sub-chapters -Something Something-
I wish.

The subepisodes were great because they were Chris describing how being exposed to a world outside of himself makes him fuck up and tard out.

All the trannychu nonsense in these pages come purely from Chris' boring mind. Maybe he'll shake it up once in awhile with a watermelon contribution.


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Maybe I missed out on lesbian humor 101 in the years I dated another woman, but wouldn't 'tongue in cheek' be GAY humor? Like, a reference to rimming?
I thought that too. If he wanted to use cringe lesbian puns, you'd think he would have gone for talking about "getting lippy" or something. Just goes to show that Chris will always be painfully oblivious to everything he cares about that isn't TV or video games.


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Anyone got a clue about that scene where we see Magi-Chan using his Psychic X-Ray Vision and some voice starts screaming Larry?

Could Magi-Chan actually have a "headmate"? Are all the Sonichus and Rosechus going to become tumblr style special snowflakes?
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