Sonichu 7/18 - A note on Rosechu's privates -

“Worth the read for those who have been asking about Rosie’s privates!”


Jesus wept, Chris... Nobody is unironically interested in Rosie’s private parts.

(Except maybe Dr. Silvestrechu, CWCvilles premier dickchopper, who will have you back to work after a single day of recovery!)

Some autists meticulously study train schedules. Others note every airplane take off and land. Chris? He autistically chronicles the private parts of his OCs.

The craziest part about this, is that the trolls were right!


" Thank you Patti! Now we are togedder, forever."
You know, I'd like to think this kind of unnecessary info on a character is disgustingly unusual. But I'm updated on several artists who spew the same TMI bullshit. Rambling about a made-up person's crotch is painfully common among exceptional individuals artists.
At this point, nothing Chris jabbers about is groundbreaking. Especially on the topic of mutilating/hacking off genitals. :roll:

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