7/21/2020 - Captain Sawyer From City of Aiken Public Safety About Harassment Complaint Against Me / Conversation With TPD OPS Sgt. Zeiss -

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"I'm not your typical transgender person -- I am a two spirit, and I have a deep voice!" 9.5/10 troons sound like dudes.

If you look close enough, and I have nice boobs.........HAAAA

These are nice boobs

These are a different type of nice boobs

These are old man moobs that should have been excised years ago
Knowing the difference could save your life and save your child and/or dog from getting molested.
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Wait. Did someone file an harassment complaint against Tom or is the title just oddly worded?

The leftover food on the keyboard is a homely touch.
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Tom tries to spark up a joint but his lighter is a miserable failure, just like him.

Poor Sgt. Zeiss, she has to listen to a mentally ill transgendered man complain about harassment from another mentally ill transgendered man. Oh the irony.

Another video of Tom sperging about Dee Price.

If the TFD was defunded, what would Tom do with all his time?

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Notice that bottle of yellow liquid in the background. I'm going to be generous and assume it is some sort of cleanser. It is full, meaning Tom has it right there but is too lazy to actually spray it and clean anything.

Also shout out to the dirty casserole dish. I guess the sink was too full of dirty dishes and the next logical place was his keyboard. And his digital scale. I would hate for Tom to get shorted on his 1/8th of an ounce of Mexican ditch weed.