Prison Letters 7/28-7/29/22- Post trial bribe letters

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A Hobo With Options
Sep 6, 2013
The fact that it happened not one, not two but six fucking times is what baffles me

Six? At least a dozen times, and those were just the fires someone bothered to record.

If he did get divorced, who got to keep Carnigee Hall?

I think they were just renting. With money that could have been given to Chris and Barb.

Trigger Me Timbers

Reformed Kekistani
Aug 21, 2018
OK it took those two faggots an innordiate of time to get it through their calcified fucking brains. Hopefully the "CWCBase" project is fucking dead.
Honestly amazed to see the fall of Kengle and the other TardBlankets Chris has been screaming into for the past few years…
Kinda fucking backwards logic, Chris has fucked his mom, made fun of Kengles “devious” religion and all around been a demanding and grating asshole… there’s no problems. But Chris says that barbs should die so he gets the house and suddledly it’s a brigde too far?

Lol ok.

And Kengle wanting to “save, preserve and expand” the sonichu extended universe is cringe and gay. I have no idea how a grown man can think sonichu has any value outside of laughing at it is beyond me.

Man, a little over a year and the Church of Sonichu has already had its first major schism. Chris is speedrunning this whole religion shit.
So are we watching the “First Reformed Church of Sonichu” forming? “Why it’s not hard to understand, we believe there is a CPU goddess Chris Chan, but we don’t believe she is the messiah” Ins-halal my brothers.


Intoxicated Feline
Jul 18, 2022
Chris is so incompetent at everything that he would manage to set the river on fire somehow.
The water out there is so polluted that I would consider this possible.

That being said we need to get someone to make those chick tracts.

Aug 1, 2022
Really? Because all of America is getting fatter and the governments around the world want us to not be fat. They know they are no match intellectually for those on scooters. Jedi mind tricks didn't work on Jabba the Hutt. Know why? He's on levels of intellectual prowess you slim folks can't even understand.