7/7/2019 - A call from Israel and a reading of a delusional pervert's assessment of me -

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Queen Of The Harpies

I drink and talk profanely

Starts with Tommy on the phone to Israel
Records himself reading stuff online
Announces he's coming back to the farm
Apparently there's a doco in the works?
Refutes all what we already know (forgets about his own video admissions)
Gleefully thinks the farm is down, but it's not
Disapointed that he hasn't received a lot of attention

Semper fidelis to 'Israel'.

To @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg Stop recording yourself reading/surfing online.
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They climbed aboard their silver ghost
Tom would be every but the pedo that Epstien is if he had the means.
Which is why it's more than just the 15 year old he diddled. He has stated numerous times he would go as low as 13, and says it's not statutory rape if said minor has already been sexually active.


They climbed aboard their silver ghost
Says what laws?
Sure. Probably shouldn't stick my nose in Tooter threads anyway. All I know is that he's a smelly drug addict.
Yeah let this thread serve as a reminder as to why it's important to read up on a cow before contributing to their thread, let alone their subforum.

(On a positive note, I highly encourage it with Tommy. Hands down one of the most entertaining cows AND most horrifying.)

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