Australatina [7 Nov 18] Autistan is drying out - Footlong of rain failed to materialize


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General strike, riots, ethnic cleansing, and now draught. Can't God's Chosen people catch a break?


Australatina is drying out

Seven years.
Exceptional drought.
Increasing risk of desertification

Since Fall 2011 - Australatina is simply not receiving enough rain and mountain snow between Late October and March (The Wet/Cold Season)

Lago Fenix is 12 meters lower than normal (Normal water level is 24 meters above sea level) - this is now a serious problem as that lake is 40 percent of Australatina's fresh drinking water.

Lago Cacique is not doing any better - 12 percent of Australatina's fresh drinking water, 13 meters below it's normal level of 20 meters above sea level

Other smaller lakes are seeing similar results - same thing with water volume with the few rivers Australatina has.

Parts of Australatina's rural areas in the south of the country are seeing the ground sink 40 centimeters a year due to the lack of ground water in aquifers.

Australatina is fucked with climate change. The country is slowly turning into a desert every day.
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So is he copying California now or sub-Saharan Africa? Either way, it seems like even God himself hates Australatina. It's like Phil sees some horrible disaster and goes "Ohhh! I should add that to Australatina too, because it's not already enough of a third world shit hole!" Riots, ethnic cleansing, drought... I'm kind of disappointed he didn't throw in an AIDS pandemic, volcanic eruption and a fucking sharknado to boot!


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I like how Phil copy/pasted the definition of desertification directly from Google. I don't think Phil has even seen a desert his entire life, so it's a wonder how he got this idea in the first place. Also Phil, what does "very hot" mean in ferenheight (or in your case, celcius, you know, because you're a fucking poser). Does it mean that Australatinas deserts could possibly be 120+ degrees, is it hotter than death valley?? How about the African Sahara?? Also, your imaginary country is in the United States, and therefore, it's winter, not summer. And it's pretty fucking disgusting that you use your lakes for fresh water and even bathe in it. It's no wonder why half the autismland population goes down, they're all stupid like you are and they drink the water. They probably have a brain eating ameoba, or dysentary or some shit.

Seriously, does ADF get off to making this fictional country as miserable as possible? Or is this just some weird message about how global warming is real and it's fucking over both the real and fictional worlds?
It's a coping mechanism Phil uses when he's stressed or anxious. He also enjoys commiting genocide because it's the only place that would allow him to act out his power fantasies, or when he attempts to come off as a intimidating badass and uses it to threaten trolls/websites such as Facebook for when they do not comply with his autistic demands.

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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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The US should just start using Autism Island as a weapons testing area. The Russians and Chinese are working on new nuclear warheads and hypersonic delivery vehicles for those new warheads, while the US has warheads from the 80s and missiles (ICBMs. Our Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles are more modern.) from the 70s. It's time the US caught up, and using Autismlandia for testing grounds will ensure that testing is done far away from US citizens and infrastructure where nothing of value can be harmed. That's all a third-world shit pit like that is good for.