Australatina [7 Nov 18] Autistan is drying out - Footlong of rain failed to materialize


Did I spook you yet?
lel, just buy water. Oh wait, can't do that because Autistan illegaly annex that piece of Newfoundland.


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So is he copying California now or sub-Saharan Africa? Either way, it seems like even God himself hates Australatina. It's like Phil sees some horrible disaster and goes "Ohhh! I should add that to Australatina too, because it's not already enough of a third world shit hole!" Riots, ethnic cleansing, drought... I'm kind of disappointed he didn't throw in an AIDS pandemic, volcanic eruption and a fucking sharknado to boot!
Oh I can tell in a heartbeat he's using CA for this stupid spurt of autism. Mainly because Phil hates and is afraid of brown and black people so he doesn't give a shit about Africa. But I can also show thanks to the same source Isaboy is likely using that CA is currently on year seven itself conveniently. And on top of that he seems to follow the SoCal drying out far more than NorCal routine from the map he struggled to mimic too; look at the progression chart in the source; there's some nice resemblences in there right down to the color scheme. Why he did this? Desperate ploy for attention using the most deadly firestorm in California history; using the dead as a source to get people to look at him.

Coincidentally Phil, a famine would've been more viable; just have the increased rains (since the east coast where your retarded fantasy land is) kill crops with a new substrain of a fungus known for wrecking your primary food sources; like ergot or a blight. Lastly, he again proves how he's a sped LARPing as a smart person given that the geology alone fucks his plans; why are the coasts (which should be wetter and richer in humus and silt due to rivers), so dry? What rainshadow? Whaddat? Good thing we own the rights to your shitty country then Phil; you clearly have no idea how to world build and should stick to coloring books.

In short, Phil continues to prove why he has better value to society dead than alive with this wave of the bloody flag.