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7 seas is a Adventure/survival RPG based on the 40K inspired 7 seas universe where it takes place 1000 years after WW3 at the 7 seas region of the sectorum forchanicus
where hundreds of years after a civil war were 98% of the civilized planets in the region are Destroyed And the region is fallen to anarchy with thousands of of different clans fighting for power.
-Space traveler
-Waste lander
-Clan leader
-7 Seas clans
-Albanian empire
-Planet states
-Order of Yahweh

So kiwi farms
Add new ideas you can have in this thread or edit this map to add new regions and sectorums


Orion Balls

Found the point!
Varies. I'm not 100% sure what system I would be using but if I find a system that I think is proper for 7 seas.
40k is the only money sink I never got into, so I'm not sure about the world at all. Is there a good place for background/ world building info, that I may peruse?