8/1/2020 - A Conversation with Tommy Tooter - Dear Leader has a chat with the Granny Tranny

F. Murray Abraham

Grazie, Signore.
What has sparked the recent activity with Tom? I get he is an old pedo dog fucker but what snapped in his already decayed brain?
Dee Price has been riding his ass all over another board called AMB and since Tom can no longer block people because it's a Premium Feature, he reached out to Null to be in charge of this forum because Tom is a ban-happy crybaby.


Fuck it. Give the man some mod tools, Null!

I think it has some potential.

At least more lulz than watching Tommy’s shit-tier streams.

BTW: Interesting to note that Tommy has apparently graduated from the Chris-Chan school of negotiating tactics:

“I see you have a sub forum of people trolling me! Im willing to cut you a deal! Give me mod-status on that sub forum, and in return I won’t mess with or mod the rest of your site!”
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