Article 8-15-19: Rebel Media: Yaniv assaults a reporter - With his pretty pink cane!


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I thought they elected him because he promised to legalize weed?
Some voted for that, some voted thinking he would carry on his father's legacy and some voted because oh my god he's so cuuuuuute with his shirt off. But most of all, everyone was done with the PC party fucking everything up but weren't quite sure they were ready for an NDP federal government. Which tbh is how almost every liberal candidate gets elected.


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I thought they elected him because he promised to legalize weed?
Reasons for the rise of Trudeau

-Promised electoral reform, the end of First Past the Post
-Promised legal weed
-The NDP lost its great leader (Jack Layton) and a retard took his place
-The Bloc Quebecois died
-Harper moved his campaign away from economics to immigration and social issues a month before the election.

The country is naturally liberal. Kinda why you only have one news organization like The Rebel.

Trudeau can't really touch this case. Its all provincial stuff and even then he can't meddle in the criminal system.


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I don't remember seeing this angle posted earlier in the thread - from a reply to Yaniv's tweet about getting blocked by PFLAG:

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He's really throwing his shoulder into that, isn't he? The front view Rebel used in its vids didn't show how hard Yaniv was trying to strike that guy - he just looks like a pissy little old lady tapping that bad man with her lightweight cane. But no.


So what?
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At this point, Rebel may actually being doing harm for the case.
The case will probably be fine. We just have another group of screaming autistic tards to laugh at.

Menzies is nearly as exceptional as The Hambeast. Considering who he's following around, maybe he should change his name to Menses.
I hate when someone I agree with albeit on probably just one issue is such a fucking laughable clown.