8-15-20 Call with Fred Gaynor, producer of Liberty Radio Channel - Tommie's personal life is in shambles but the show must go on!

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Exactly. These sick idiots make up lies about me saying I am a pedophile dog fucker! It's not true! I came home to a 15 year old girl in my bed with my girlfriend and I joined in. I used my fingers to make her pussy sing. She was a very mature 15 and almost 16 years old! It is legal to do this in 3/4ths of the world! She was living on the streets since she was 12! And then they kicked me out of the bed because I was paying too much attention to the 15 year old! And that dog was a guard dog. It enjoyed being masturbated. All my friends did it too! The dog liked it, I didn't enjoy it. I liked to do it to reward the dog!
Damn, more mental gymnastics. I didn't do it, but let me tell you why I did it. He should co-author a book with OJ Simpson.

Dee Price

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nice fiction, assholes. stay stupid, fools.
Wow moron you really can not stop with the stupid crap. And @Mariposa Electrique did not write fiction you demented delusional pile of shit. She was trying to help you see the truth of it all.

Why are you so jealous of her. What is it the fact she is a real actually natural born female that can see that you are a fat gross disgusting perverted man? That can not stop sexually exploiting kids and animals for your own perverse gratification?

You are sick in the head tom and totally gross and flithy. No woman would act or live like you.
This thread was dead for almost a month.

Why the fuck bring it back to life?
Because tom is a moron he can not help himself in trying to inflate his ego. That mental illness will not let him see reality.

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