8/16 Even after nearly a year, Chris is still triggered that the big bronies still have him blocked -


Basically back in late 2018 or early 2019, The big Brony YouTubers blocked Chris, as a result, Chris made a Twitter rant, then made two videos which are deleted but uploaded on other channels freaking out at them to unblock.

So now, he regressed and now he is saying "Please PLEASE unblock me!"

Here's my 2 cents on this...Chris, why would you worry about this blocking thing...again? You already were blocked by them in the past, you freaking out won't help it. And I like how in each thing he posts where he apologizes, he has to to "relate" to them in some way.

All I gotta say Chris, don't worry about these Brony people, besides it'll be so many years until gen 5 of MLP comes so you should let go.


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Is it just me or when you read Chris' Twitter rants, do you also hear a squeaky hammer your head every six or seven words?

Anyway, this is Chris being adamant how he is a good boy and people just don't understand, all the while talking is a bizarre halfway threatening manner in a confused attempt to sound sincere. Rinse and repeat.

Also OP - Chris isn't going to read your post, you don't need to direct it to him.

The Dude

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Oh! That's why cartoon obsessed manchildren from YouTube blocked Chris? Because they thought he might be violent due to the combat training he underwent in Toon Town? So it wasn't because Chris is obnoxious, selfish, egotistical, awkward, creepy, and because a miasma of drama follows him like a cloud of stink? Huh...I guess you learn something everyday.


Wear your shirt inwards out
Was "Chris, they don't want you because you're a disgusting human being" come in Chris's mind? Or is it "Chris, we don't want you because of the haterade trolls around you, not you though"?

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