8/16 Even after nearly a year, Chris is still triggered that the big bronies still have him blocked -


Coolest cracker in the box
Who here can translate this drivel into something that closely resembles the English language?
You people are the toys that I want. I don't want offbrand little horse people toys, I want the famous ones, because I am famous.

I am improving every day in every aspect of my life but have nothing to show for it. However, I am extremely powerful and you mortals should not fear me because I am a Kind and Loving goddess.

As you saw, I did not sperg out or do anything bad at the convention, so do not listen to the online Trolls as my vague promises of getting better and my autistic consumption of Eastern religions can testify, I will be a great friend. I won't bother to tell you people again that I behaved for the three days at the pony convention, so listen up this time.

No, I do not want "normie" pony fans because myself, Christine Goddess Chandler is too above those losers. Also, when I stalk you at some future convention, do not let your stupid gullibility onto the Online Trolls and Bullies color you from my creepy clingyness.

There, I said the magic words of apologies and vague promises of improvement, but really it was the trolls and I am still Almighty.

Continue to do your best because.

The handsome tard

We will wake up The Warrior!!
Wait, Chris is the one active harbinger of the Merge, the one that will kill billions. So that means that he's consciously (or unconsciously) trying to murder billions of people.

I'd say that amounts to some malicious intent.
Dont worry, only people that Chris conviniently doesnt like will die (like Pmurt and those damn dirty trolls). The only survivors will be his "Choosen people"................................
You know, im starting to wonder if Chris will be able to gather enough tards to make a suicide cult like Jonestown or Heaven's Gate, saying that the dimensional merge is about to happen but they need to leave their "mortal coils" to safely survive the process...or basically say that the authorities are coming and they should all die so those "damn dirty jerkops" wont have the satisfaction to kill them. Trust me, Chris is too delusional to see how evil he can be (our only salvation is how much of a uncharismatic coward he is). Hopefully it doesnt go beyond Jock...

Around 53 days left on the ride.
Cant wait to see bronies slowly but surely fade away, the show did its thing, created its tards, now its time for them to attach and poison other franchises. Chris is the first (and will be the last) brony, unable to accept that its all over.

Muscle Bra

I passed high scholl bitch!
True & Honest Fan
Yeah, they're like the flies and mosquitoes that endlessly buzz around Chris, and thus, repel some people who would probably otherwise, not mind associating with him, or even become friends with him.
Riiiight. Because Chris (sans weenies) is such a pleasant, selfless, interesting and fun friend to have around.

While I’m not going to argue that the weenies aren’t accelerating the whole process of getting blocked/ignored, if you look at his past history of dealing with people, you will see that Chris can do the same thing on his own, thankyouverymuch. It just takes longer for peoples’ goodwill and sympathy for the tard to evaporate.

all this talk about "respawn generators" and red team spies has me wondering if chris has even played team fortress 2
When has Chris ever played a game that required actual gaming skill and/or practice and wasn’t intended for the pre-teen crowd?


Chris can merge two entire dimensions together but can't do a simple mind trick of reading someone's tweets or using space magic to post on their profile. Huh. Can't wait for xenomorphs to be real to eat him and choke on high quantities of polysorbate 80.
Or have yautja skin him

Bardle-B Jones

The Great and Powerful Nazi Jester
I played TF2 and "respawn generators" doesn't seem to exist in the game. I google it if it's an item and turns out it was either a group theory / fanfic about tf2.
Respawn generators are a fan-created concept. It’s basically an excuse to allow the characters of TF2 to kill each other and then come back and restore the status quo. Shows up more in fan works, and likely the TF2/pony anal-cysts videos, thus where Chris picked the idea up.

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