Off-Topic 8-20-19: JY claims he was sexually assaulted (and nobody believes him) - My lamb and martyr, you look so precious. Won't you come a bit closer, close enough so I can smell you...


"I'm a hardcore girl"
Brown skin (turbanless), this is going to be interesting.

eta: someone claims he was a client of jonny's up until a few weeks ago. The plot thickens.
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Hysterectomy removes the uterus bro, not the vagina.
Vagina=the hole
Uterus=internal organ where the ovaries like to hang out
Gettin yer vag sown up is called a vaginectomy and they only do it if ya have some kind of collapse or you're FTM with at least 2 letters of reccomendations and having took testosterone for at least a year. or sometimes on intersex infant girls if they think the clit is too big and she would be better off raised as male, but that's not as common as just opting to mutilate the clitoris instead.
Didn't he tell the Tribunal he had a penis though?
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Yeah, at the hearings he tried to portray himself as intersex, but never denied having a penis. He said conflicting things - meaning he was lying under oath at least part of the time - and clearly hadn't read up on intersex conditions enough to know how to describe what he was claiming to have.
  • He has male genitals and lied to waxing service provider about having a period when requesting service (Twitter archive 1, Twitter archive 2, 7/7/19 report on 7/5 hearing)
  • His genitals are deformed, but won't be specific (notes, 7/17/19)
  • He is intersex and says intersex means "being both male and female," and "one thing works and one thing doesn't" (notes, 7/17/19)
He had, of course, told the women he was targeting for BC HRT complaints that he had a penis and testicles:
  • "I still have my male genitals though is that ok? I haven't had surgery" - messaging a salon, 3/2018 (OP, see the spoiler labeled "I have a dick and balls")
Devyn Cousineau's ruling for the tribunal concluded:

‘I am satisfied, based on Ms. Yaniv’s representations to the Respondents that she has “male parts”, “used to be a boy”, and has not “gone through surgery yet”, as well as her evidence in these hearings that she has “male parts”, that Ms. Yaniv was seeking to have hair removed from a scrotum. Whether or not she may also have a vulva is not ultimately determinative of any issue in this complaint and so I do not need to engage further with that question.’ (JCCF, p 10, para 22, 10/22/19)​
  • pictures Yaniv sent of his genitals to a 16-year-old girl in 2009 showed he had a penis, but no vulva (archived Post-Millennial article, 8/19/19)
  • tells Alex Jones that before hormone therapy his testosterone level was 14 and is now 1.2 (AJ stream, ~16:34; KF posts #74, #76, #123, 7/23/19)
  • says on Irish radio that he has testicles and a penis as well as intersex genitalia (KF post 1, KF post 2 transcript, 7/22/19)
  • says he's M2F while also saying he's had a period since he was 13 (KF post, see spoiler, 12/30/18 )
  • says "I still have 'that' down there unfortunately" in a tweet about all his BCHRT complaints about ball waxing being against East Indian women (KF post, 12/28/18, displaying screen shot from 4/14/18 )
  • says he has a dick when pestering women on FB about what he can get away with in a women's changing room at a gym he just joined (KF post, 2018 )
  • said in April 2015 that Sears needed "to go back to the anatomy books so they can see that I am NOT a woman" (KF post, 7/11/19)
  • in 2014 Twitter DMs with a Texas woman, he says he wears pads because of “my problem,” not because he menstruates, and declares “I’m not a girl”; refers to his penis and balls (KF thread, 11/13/19)
  • in 2014 or 2015 texts with Jessica Rumpel, Yaniv said he does not have a vagina but wanted one “so I can have fun” (KF post, 8/23/19)
  • in July 2008 chats when he was in college, he said he had a penis and wore menstrual pads because, since the age of 13, he had a constant clear discharge that was never bloody; a bloody discharge came from his rectum, however (chatlogs)
  • describes his penis as tiny (KF post 2,552, 11/23/19)
For his frequent claims that he has female genitalia and menstruates, check out the "By Category" health monitor.​


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@wabbits any use for your records? His dad died approx 2013 so this message is dated 2018 (approx)?

As well as being "sexually assaulted" at school it seems he's been assaulted by several "immigrants".

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lmao @ the idea that 1. anyone would overshare about their bodily fluids with yaniv and 2. he wouldnt enjoy every second of it


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@wabbits any use for your records? His dad died approx 2013 so this message is dated 2018 (approx)?

As well as being "sexually assaulted" at school it seems he's been assaulted by several "immigrants".

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Thanks very much. That would be part of his excuse-a-thon when the FB group members called him out, I think. The perv monitor is slo-go - there's so much content for it - but am continuing work on it.

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