8/27/2020 - A Reading of the Ravings of "Destiny" Price, A True Transsexual -


Working on my hell and forth
Damn, she can't remember that she is streaming, or what she is streaming for.

Forgetting how to stream can't be that far away.

I don't think anything can truly keep Tom away from the internet in twenty years he will be an unthinking reverent the flesh falling from his bones the sun burning him with every step he will stalk the night breaking into peoples homes looking for a live webcam the knowledge on how to set one up long forgotten

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Wash your face, Tom. That garbage around your eye looks disgusting. 14953A82-62E5-40EC-8112-646825BF7F66.jpeg
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Maybe we should teach him a lesson and ignore him completely until he begs us for attention?
That would be 2 hours. At most.
It seems Tom exhausted this months supply of interesting last stream we can all safely ignore him going foward you know until the lack of attention makes him chimp out because as much as he hates us in truth he can't live without us
If Kiwi Farms and AMB shutdown Tommy would be beside himself with grief. We are literally the only social interaction he has.