8/27/2020 - A Reading of the Ravings of "Destiny" Price, A True Transsexual -


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jfc I had to dig deep to find it but I did:
That looks taken out of context.
Can you find a unedited source where Tom says he had sex with his sister?
Concerning both Lady and Sabrina, Tom has felt the need to explain himself multiple times. I think if Tom did rape his sister, we would have multiple accounts, and Tom wouldn't use the word "rape". He would be pro incest to rationalise his behavior. We don't see that, so it's not true.

Tom is a trash eater.
There is no need to make things up.
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Is this disgusting fan fiction your handiwork, @Sparkletor 2.0? Dave says it is.

Thread CommentAuntie Tommy the Tucson witch / written by Sparkletor of Kiwi Farms
Becky and Brittany were two little girls living in the desert city of Tuscon, Arizona. They were two good little girls and always obeyed their mother and father.

One afternoon their mother asked them to go down to the corner store to get some milk. The girls both happily agreed. "Here is the money," mother said. "And you can each buy one piece of candy with the change."

The girls were giddily skipping down the sidewalk on the way to the store when they heard a horrible noise. It sounded like a bag of cats fighting. It sounded like the wailing screams of the damned. It was someone molesting an alto saxophone.

The girls soon rounded the corner and saw what was making the awful noise. It was a horrible shape, all hunched over and twisted. A disgusting imitation of what a person should look like. A few greasy strands of grey hair fell out of a shabby knit cap. Grey skin hung loosely off the skeletal body. It was somehow too skinny and too fat at the same time. It was wearing a grimy tie-dyed tshirt that was too big. A pair of khaki shorts were over a pair of shaved chicken legs, wearing flip flops on bruised and broken feet.

The girls were shocked. "W-what's that, Brit?", Becky, the younger sister asked.

"That's Auntie Tommie. He's a witch. Don't look at him and don't ever talk to him." Brittany said.

Tom saw the two young girls and stopped murdering his woodwind. "Happy day, ladies! What are two nice girls doing in a place like this? What's your sign?"

Becky wanted to obey her sister, but was also taught to obey her elders. "We're going to the store." She replied before thinking.

"I'll walk you there," Tom said as he put his sax into its case. "Why are you going to the store, pretty thing?"

Brittany elbowed her sister. "Don't talk to him, he's a witch!"

Tom began following the sisters, about five steps behind. "Sure is hot out here. Bet you ladies would like to get out of those hot clothes."

Both sisters began to run. Luckily the store wasn't far away. They ran to the clerk and told him the witch was after them.

The clerk was fully aware of Auntie Tommie. He reached under the counter and pulled out the sawed off shotgun they kept for security.

As Auntie Tommie popped in the door to the store, the clerk unloaded the double barrels into the shambling corpse. Tom's body exploded into a shower of cockroaches and dirty clothing. Nothing remained. The roaches skittered away and assembled into a mound, slowly reassembling. Within seconds, Auntie Tommie was again. His body was entirely made up of roaches.

With a scowl Auntie Tommie said, "Next time, ladies. And for you, you misogynist moronic marketer, I'll be rummaging through your dumpster later!"

Tom then dissapeared into a mass of cockroaches and mice, all of them carrying the articles of clothing and saxophone case.

The girls got the milk and arrived home safe. Needless to say, they never went out alone again.

Sometimes they still hear the disgusting wailing of a poorly played saxophone and they remember.

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Yes, do you like it?
I had to share that wonderful work of literary work with AMB. I had to it was just way to good to not let everyone get a change to read it.

Tom hated every bit of attention the tale spun up.

This is tom after he read it.