8-29-19 Yaniv goes on tr.nny's instagram livestream - Yaniv hits on a 17 year old, discusses his new human rights complaint, does his classic Yanimpressions, shows manboobs, and more!


Furthermore how would the legality of his acts work considering the victim is a minor in America supposedly, and he is a Canadian national? I know the RCMP and American police can and will work together on stuff like this, but are the laws written in such a way that both sides would be willing to?
But it wasn't just between that trans and JY. There were unknown others in the chat - plus unknown people after the fact (just as we are seeing it). So rather than the age of the chat "owner" and the age of the "flasher", it seems the question might actually be, can you show nudity on the net on a site which has no age limitations. But IANAL.
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Short Stack

I think this incident pretty much summed everything up about JY in one neat little package. He's a perv, a fake tranny, has zero perception of boundary. Incriminates himself constantly, and just generally a fucking idiot.

And his possible jerking off during this stream.. ugh.
BUT...he's a woman...he is intersexed....maybe U should change jerking off to rubbing one out ??????
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