8/29 - RIP Possie -

Real G

Say hello to the bad guy.
jesus christ, chris didn't even mention about the kitty until someone asked him on twitter. Chris is balls deep fixated in the merge. sooner or later, when someone asked about barb, Chris will be like "um... yea, my mother died, my hubby foreseen it, and we buried her next to patty. But i digress, calling all magic individuals to donate and help with merge, among which."


Aqua Teenatic Jerkop
Hang on...Magi-Chan cried for her, so did Barb...but not Chris? Fuck's sake.

In fairness, and trying to empathise with Chris (fruitless as that may be), maybe Possie's death has forced him further into the Magi-Chan bullshit as some sort of autistic coping mechanism. That said, if Magi-Chan is so fucking amazing that he knew the kitten wasn't long for this world, couldn't he have just, I dunno, recommended that Chris take said cat to a vet or someone who might have been able to help?

I say again: fuck's sake.



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